What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive refers to the power of our beliefs: what we believe about ourselves, the world and our future. Behavioral acknowledges that real change happens only when we do things differently. THERAPY is the treatment itself. CBT focuses on how our thoughtsimpact how we feel and our feelings impact how we behave.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is

RESEARCH-BASED The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral methods has been demonstrated in numerous studies related to a variety of clinical problems. Recent clinical research has shown CBT to be as effective as drugs in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

RESULTS-ORIENTED Practical treatment goals are established and the therapist works with her client to define concrete ways to monitor progress and to work toward achieving those goals. CBT goals are focused on decreasing the intensity and frequency of symptoms, thereby helping the client to develop coping skills and to increase his or her ability to function more productively.

ACTIVE CBT uses “homework” as an opportunity to practice what has been learned in therapy and to begin to apply it to daily life.

GENERALLY SHORTER-TERM CBT is generally shorter-term than other therapies. It focuses on present and future rather than past.

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